Kristen Stewart at the Chanel show in Paris, July 2014 (x)

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Cigarettes look so harmless but then again so did you —10 word story (via sassyfag)

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Eye contact: how souls catch fire. —Yahia Lababidi, Aphorisms  (via unmaiden)

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Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway and Brie Larson | Just One Of The Guys

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I used to think you were the sun.
but now I know
you’re not the sun,
because the sun always comes back each day no matter how hard the storm hit earlier.
except you never came back,
and then I realized that
maybe you were the storm all along. —a.m.n. (via missinyouiskillingme)

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"I lied, and I’m so sorry—sorry because I hurt you, sorry because I couldn’t protect you from what I am. I lied to save you, and it didn’t work. I’m sorry."

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